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Choosing the right transcription service is an important decision for your company. With a myriad of transcription providers available, it is vital that you hire a competent service that fits your business needs. Today there are transcription services that outsource your work to facilities based in third-world countries. The price may be low, but is the quality what you require?

WORDsmart Transcription Services is proud to state that all its employees work in the U.S. Our friendly, educated and dependable staff delivers accurate transcripts. For smart solutions to your transcription needs, WORDsmart delivers on time every time.

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Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription is a specialty within the Transcription Services area. We specialize in medical conferences, advisory boards, teleconferences, and interviews. Our staff has typed hundreds of thousands of pages of medical transcripts and is knowledgeable in the vocabulary of many medical disciplines. We can handle all your medical transcription needs from a half-hour interview to a daylong roundtable to a weeklong symposium. Depend on WORDsmart Medical Transcription Services to get it done right!

Financial Transcription Services

Investment firms, banks, accounting firms and associations are some of the players in the financial services industry that require Financial Transcription Services. The demand for quality transcripts is ever growing. A transcript becomes the permanent record of agreements, turns verbal discussions among key opinion leaders into continuing education courses, and delivers informational updates to employees of financial accounting firms.

Legal Transcription Services

Attorneys and law firms depend on legal transcriptionists to produce accurate transcripts. Unlike court reporters who work inside the courtroom, legal transcriptionists are needed to prepare case documents to be filed with the courts. Lawyers may work with government departments, insurance companies, corporations and banks. Being conversant in many business and legal vocabularies, WORDsmart Legal Transcription Services can support your legal transcription needs.

Media Transcription Services

WORDsmart Media Transcription Services covers all media transcription needs. Journalists, reporters, writers, editors and videographers work with WORDsmart Transcription Services to produce transcripts of the interviews they need to write their articles or books. Stories written for magazines, newspapers, books and websites often start from audio recordings between writer and subjects. WORDsmart transcribes the audio from video recorded interviews and panel discussions. For these clients, we produce time-coded transcripts, key to editing video for the final cut.

General Transcription Services

WORDsmart offers a wide range of General Transcription Services. We can handle market research focus groups, television scripts, and song lyrics. WORDsmart has the capability to work in many areas of interest—art, architecture, celebrities, the environment, fashion, music, science, sports, technology... Any audio file can be transcribed for any subject area. These transcripts may be used for a multitude of purposes such as podcasts, webcasts, and manuscripts, to name a few. Today WORDsmart primarily works with digital audio and video files in a number of formats (mp3, mp4, wav, wma, wmv, mov, etc.). We are able to transcribe analog recordings on tape, including standard audiocassettes and microcassettes. From architects to zoologists, WORDsmart Transcription Services delivers excellent transcripts of these verbal messages.

Team up with WORDsmart Transcription Services!

    We transcribe events of any length.
Our staff is conversant in medical, financial, legal and business terminology.
    We are able to provide time-coded transcription.
    We can work with digital audio/video formats, as well as audio CDs and cassettes (standard, micro and mini)..
    Upload digital audio files to our secure FTP site
    We can e-mail your transcript immediately upon completion, or provide a hard copy.

Our clients include:  Access Communication, American Banker, AICPA, Artforum International, Asante Communications, Asia Society, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Brunswick Group, Clinical Insights, CME Outfitters, Dershowitz, Eiger & Adelson, Dewey & LeBoeuf, Embryon, environmental defense fund, Field & Stream, Financial Planning, Fusion Medical Communications, Haymarket Medical, Hudson Institute, ICC Trio, INNOVEX Medical Communications, KPMG, Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, McMahon Custom Publishing, Medical Logix, Morgan Stanley, PeerView Institute for Medical Education, On Wall Street, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, River West Meeting Associates, Rockwell Group, Scarritt Group, The Barthwell Group, The Commonwealth Fund, Visual Word Systems, Wishbone-ITP.




































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