WORDsmart Transcription offers transcription services of audio and video recordings to clients in a diverse range of fields—medicine, finance and banking, business, law, journalism, advocacy associations, art and architecture, entertainment and nonprofit. We accept recordings in most digital audio and video formats. Rush service is available.

Medical transcription is one of our specialties. For over 35 years, we have produced accurate transcripts of medical CME programs, advisory boards, conferences, webcasts and one-on-one interviews. Our transcription operators are familiar with the terminology of most medical specialties.

A Perfect Transcript is Easy with WORDsmart Transcription & Design!


Prepare your materials

Organization is key!

Provide us with relevant meeting materials: agenda, slide deck, attendee lists.  These are the building blocks of a successful transcript.


your files

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Fill out the intake form, paying attention to the required fields. WORDsmart Transcription & Design will contact you once we have received your files.


WORDsmart creates a transcript

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WORDsmart will give you a time and date that your transcript will be completed (dependent on file size, quality of recording, deadline requested, etc.).


Transcript is
returned via email

It couldn't be any easier!

Once billing has been taken care of, completed transcript will be emailed back to you.

Contact WORDsmart Transcription

Contact us about your transcription projects by filling in the form below. Please be as detailed as possible, providing us with a description of the content of the audio/video file (one-on-one interview, panel discussion, medical advisory board, or single person presentation), the number of recordings to be transcribed, the total length of the recordings, and your turnaround need.

If you prefer, call us at 917-855-6956 and we can discuss the project with you immediately. Or email us at We look forward to working with you!