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    bullet WORDsmart will create the PowerPoint presentation you need, whether it is a continuously looping audiovisual slide show for industry events, a speaker-controlled slide deck for lectures or presentations, or a printed leave-behind reference booklet for your audience.
    bullet We’ll work with whatever source material you bring us, whether it’s a handwritten outline or existing slide deck.
    bullet If you wish, we’ll create a simple text-based slide deck that is attractive, yet clear and readable.
    bullet Or we can make your PowerPoint presentation a multimedia experience with:
      -- Graphics (charts, photographs, digital images)
      -- Video and animation
      -- Sound (voiceover narration, music, sound effects)
Click on the image below to view a PowerPoint slide show that demonstrates what our artists can do for you!

[Note:  The slide show is 3 minutes and starts once a segment has downloaded.  Downloading is dependent on bandwidth capacity and speed so the slide show may pause while the download catches up.  If this occurs, you may let the slide show play through once, then click the PLAY button (appears at bottom of screen when you move the mouse over the screen) to restart.  There should be no pauses the second time it plays.  Alternatively, once the slide show starts hit PAUSE, wait 60 seconds, then resume by clicking PLAY.]

  Prices are guidelines only. Please call or submit a Request for Estimate of your specific job.
  Basic PowerPoint Presentation (keying text into preformatted
or minimally designed presentations):

  Advanced PowerPoint Presentation (formatting presentations;
creating tables, charts, animation, etc.):



















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