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    bullet WORDsmart will create the PowerPoint presentation you need, whether it is a continuously looping audiovisual slide show for industry events, a speaker-controlled slide deck for lectures or presentations, or a printed leave-behind reference booklet for your audience.
    bullet We’ll work with whatever source material you bring us, whether it’s a handwritten outline or existing slide deck.
    bullet If you wish, we’ll create a simple text-based slide deck that is attractive, yet clear and readable.
    bullet Or we can make your PowerPoint presentation a multimedia experience with:
      -- Graphics (charts, photographs, digital images)
      -- Video and animation
      -- Sound (voiceover narration, music, sound effects)
Click on the image below to view a PowerPoint slide show that demonstrates what our artists can do for you!
  Prices are guidelines only. Please call or submit a Request for Estimate of your specific job.
  Basic PowerPoint Presentation (keying text into preformatted
or minimally designed presentations):

  Advanced PowerPoint Presentation (formatting presentations;
creating tables, charts, animation, etc.):



















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WORDsmart Word Processing, Inc.
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