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WORDsmart can transcribe from nearly any digital audio or video format, including many proprietary or software-dependent formats (e.g., CMF, IVF or MSV).  However, we work most efficiently with the following widely supported formats:

MP3 (.mp3)

A “compressed” audio file—some audio quality is sacrificed in order to make smaller file sizes possible.  The more an MP3 file is compressed, the smaller the file, but the poorer the audio quality.  In most cases, WORDsmart prefers to work with MP3 files since upload/download times are reasonably short and MP3s interface well with our software.

WAV (.wav)

The standard audio format for PCs, compatible with nearly all Windows sound applications.  WAV files have the highest audio quality.  However, the files tend to be large, resulting in increased upload/download time.  WORDsmart prefers to work with WAV files for SMPTE audio time code projects since audio quality is paramount for accurate time coding.  (See Time Coded Transcription)

Windows Media Audio (.wma)

Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Digital Speech Standard (.dss)

Real Audio (.ra .ram .rm)

QuickTime Video (.mov)

Flash Video (.flv)

Video Object (.vob)

CDA (.cda)

Not a true audio file, this is merely a “bookmark” in an audio CD recording.  CDA files are not transcribable.  They must be ripped to one of the digital audio formats discussed above, preferably an .mp3 or .wma in order to upload to the FTP site.  Alternatively, please send us the physical CD and we will rip the files for you.

Other formats we can work with:

.aiff; .asf; .avi; .dvf; .ivf; .mpeg; .mp4; .msv; .swf; .wmf; .sri; .voc

If your audio files have another file extension not mentioned here, please call us at 212-889-2157.  We will check to see if our transcription software supports it.
























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